Welcome to the eXelate’s data eXcellence awards–
the industry’s first and only event celebrating the
innovative use of data for smarter marketing decisions.

Every second, digital media organizations worldwide leverage online data. Whether it’s for reaching a highly niche audience, understanding the profile of a brand’s consumer, or converting buyers as they traverse the web, data is the
catalyst for smarter marketing decisions.

On August 1st, eXelate will highlight 5 organizations who have implemented eXelate data to achieve dramatic results. We want to know:

  • What your business challenge was
  • How you used data to solve that challenge, and
  • What results were achieved

Simple as that.

We invite you to nominate fellow Agencies, Publishers, Platforms, eXelate Partners as well as organizations outside of digital advertising. Tell us your data story. Unveil how you won by using data, and let us tout your success.

We look forward to revealing the winners on August 1st!

celebrity guests